US President elect set the tone for the day in a morning TV appearance on Fox.
He suggested that former President Barack Obama was organizing some of the opposition he faces, blamed his own generals for the death of a U.S. commando in Yemen and said “I think I’ve done great things”, and gave his presidency a grade of A so far…

The President’s speech to Congress was based on what his top advisers, Stephen Miller, senior policy adviser, and Stephen K. Bannon (Breitbart (ex?)owner), his chief ” strategist, have prepared, these being the same men who have been the architects of President elect Inauguration speech (sic) “dark themes”.

This president elect has all the makings of a totally irresolute manager who is learning his office “on the job”.

He now asks for bi partisan support in Congress (sic), after having changed in less than two months his “opinions” on following major subjects, the list is longer…

° Immigration ban – Does not know what to do now, says he will “secure Americans” (?), no plan exists, just “intentions”, but is withdrawing  from his first abominable, inhuman and stupid bans.

° Obama’s health care that president elect has said he would repeal and change, has become a far more complex task than what he  first thought (he always finds out things after…), he now will give priority to other issues since this one takes too much time (sic)…

° Israel,first was for more settlements inPalestina by Israel, now is moderate, wants Israel and Palestina to” choose” between two states and only one state…

° Iran, doesnot know what to do?

° Mexico wall ???

 Please read for details NYT‘s article of 02/28/17:, for “details”

It has taken me nearly six years but I have now arrived at the conclusion that this European Union (EU) and the Eurozone have proven to be real failures and that if one went down to brass tacks it would show that having this “Union” (sic) and the euro did not really make a positive difference; that the “whole shebang” should be scrapped, leaving only “pieces” (to be defined) to regroup  differently and basically  keep a “customs’ union”.

I have spent six years trying to understand and analize in as much depth as possible all this, written sinceApril 2011 – 2 000 post in my blog:“”, written in 2014 / 2015 two books in self-edition with Amazon with self-explanatory titles: “Why Obsolete Macro Governance Is Killing the World Economy” and “Growth through Structural Reforms” (With Leadership and Competence Great Opportunities Exist).

I am not agreeing anymore with what I had written many times in this blog, the last one on 06/25/2016 in my post: “Eurozone Governance Radical Change Needed to get to a “2 Speed” Area Organization“, it will not work either…(please refer to this by clicking on above link).

In fact the last drop was when reading several times these last days that Greece’s situation was still being discussed by all “the powers to be” – re The Guardian‘s 02/11 /2017 article:No crisis’ on Greece bailout deal, says eurozone chief”…!!!
All these European/Eurozone “top officials” are such great techno bureaucrats that reality has totally  escaped from their pseudo “thinking” (sic), in six years they have not been able to decide on Greece’s situation which only represents 1 to 2% of EU’s GDP!!!

In this blog I have written since at least 5 years that Greece should leave or be exited from the Eurozone for its own sake, it would now be quite rich with a low valued drachma hugely expanding tourism, the number one wealth item, instead it has cost the Eurozone a “fortune”, protected corrupt local politicians who refused to exercise the results of the June 2015 referendum where the bailout conditions were rejected by a majority of over 61% , with the “No” vote winning in all of Greece’s regions, the Greek people wanting Greece out of the hands of the totally incompetent Eurozone leaders, IMF, ECB and German Chancellor Merkel, the real Eurozone leader.Greece has 180% indebtedness vs GDP!!!

Greece is just the tip of the iceberg, add Italy (3rd Eurozone economy) with a huge debt (135% of GDP) and only 1% growth, Spain (4th Eurozone economy), probably the most competent and growing (3%!) mediterranean country, still hampered with huge unemployment, with banks not passing on ECB’s continued  flow of printed liquidity to credit facilities to the biggest employer, the SME/TPEs, its indebtedness as % of GDP having grown to be 100%.

France 2nd biggest Eurozone economy, with miserable 1.1% growth, huge unemployment, is under great political stress and  the Number one, by far, Eurozone economy, Germany (1.9% GDP growth and “only” 71% indebteness as % of GDP) continues with is parochial self-serving Eurozone policy, nobody in Brussels will interfere…

The Eurozone has been conceived as an erratic type of puzzle / potpourri of countries with totally different mentalities and ‘usus”, great differences in social-economic macrostructures, no real EU / Eurozone “Governance and with Germany having benefitted from the euro creation in 1999 onwards with a 20-30%  favorable euro/DM parity which has helped considerably to boost their economy to the detriment of the rest.

There is, finally no way all this will work (what, in reality?)

Let each country solve its own problems, they are all countries with a long history which will serve as the backbone, they need to adapt far more rapidly to all the past, present and future innovations in “technology” and its meteoric evolution, in other words the entire political class needs to change ASAP, let each nation’s government be responsible for their own situations and not anymore EU / Eurozone “Governances” (sic) which have no power and are Germany’s slaves.

A country cannot be directed like a corporation, that is what US president elect if s finding out, itseems even childish to write something like this, but three major changes in”direction” (sic) prove it:

° Change in “policy” (a word that does not fit with this new president) with China, he is eating up his words and accepting “China alone” , not with Taiwan…

° Change in “policy” with Russia’s president Putin, he now wants to keep sanctions.

° Last but not least, he has suffered a severe blow when the Ninth District federal appeal court rejected its abominable anti-immigration decree, but he nevertheless continues talking like a bully when he says he will get it applied anyhow, he said: “SEE YOU IN COURT”, depends on which Court?

To see the legal options I recommend reading NYT‘s 02/10/2017 article: “Trump’s Legal Options in Travel Ban Case”, which I am entirely quoting under MORE at the end of this post.

These major setbacks reveal that this president has to learn what democracy and (good) politics are all about, maybe the TV Reality Show will end, who knows?

US Judiciary is resisting president elect’s trying to pull through by force its unacceptable anti-immigration decree as we had  written in yesterday’s post:“Anti-Immigration cannot consist of totalitarian actions but has to be – effectively – internationally oriented”

The US Ninth District Court of Appeals’ three Judges’ panel unanimously rejected on 02/09/2017 (yesterday) US president elect’s bid to reinstate his ban on travel into the US from seven largely Muslim nations, a big strike to the administration’s claim that the courts have no role as a check on the president, this ruling also rejecting his claim that courts are powerless to review a president’s national security assessments, since the judiciary has a crucial role to play in a constitutional democracy, they said.

It is therefore  most likely that an appeal will be made to the supreme court which for the time being has only 8 acting judges and may end in a 4-4 tie/deadlock, in which case this non decision leaves the anti-inmigration decree whole again and ready to be reapplied!

Bullies need to be stopped: See rapid changes again in relations with China over these first few weeks:US president elect told President Xi Jinping of China yesterday (02/09/2017) evening that the US would honor the “One China” policy, reversing his earlier expressions of doubt about the longtime diplomatic understanding and removing a major source of tension between the US and China since shortly after he was elected.

To obtain more details on above comments please refer to NYT‘s 02/09/2017 article: “Court Refuses to Reinstate Travel Ban, Dealing Trump Another Legal Loss”, coming next under “MORE”

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This continued legal confrontation about the abominable anti-immigration decree signed over one week ago by US president elect (*) is once more taking an  unexpected turn, unless it is “subtle” political manouvering(?)

(*) Whose behavior  towards the judiciary is as out of line as most of his comments about the whole US government system since he has appeared on TV signing his “decrees” who are mostly a demonstration of a dictatorial manner of wanting to “run” a country like the US, still worldleader (not long with this type of call it “government”- sic ) probably in  the same way he has been directing his own – private –  corporations (who have “indulged” in bankruptcies repeatedly because the “system allows for it”, as he cynically said).

As included in my yesterday’s 02/08/17 post: “Anti-Immigration decree probably Applied In Fine due to Eventual Justice Stalemate -See why?”,  it seemed that this matter would land as an appeal by the US Court of Justice vs Judge Robart’s decision to ban the anti-immigration decree since it seemed/seems that the three judges on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit who are to express an opinion will not allow the decree to pass because they expressed openly (on TV…) skepticism about the arguments of a Justice Department lawyer defending president elect’s order.

Before the decision to accept the nomination of the 9th judge to the Supreme Court a stalemate could have happened with a 4-4 tie in court which would have allowed this decree to apply again, maybe softened?

Yesterday, the US president elect’s  nominee for this 9th post, Judge Gorsuch – privately – expressed (NYT quote) ” dismay on Wednesday over Mr. Trump’s increasingly aggressive attacks on the judiciary, calling the president’s criticism of independent judges “demoralizing” and “disheartening.”calls”

This seems strange but may well be political manouvering to show the “public” (since all this seems more and more as being a reality show) that president elect wants to “play by the rules”…?

The situation is so bad because what is at stake is the fight againts rapidy increasing Terrorism worldwide, both “inside” frontiers for any civilized country or on the battle grounds, US president elect’s type of safeguard “policies” are as bad as the “angelical” positions taken by the “good thinkers”of this world.

What is called for is true and effective international cooperation to define realistic action plans to fight all existing and mushrooming terrorist organizations under a common umbrella which unfortunately the UN is not capable any more of assuming because of the “general disorder”and the “executive silence” in the EU which has gained (unfortunately) experience in these matters.

Anti-immigration bans of a totalitarian chareacter as that of the US’s president elect are definitely no solution, they are dangerous because they will (already have) feed the same type of reactions elsewhere.

I propose you read NYT‘s 02/08/2017 article: “Supreme Court Nominee Calls Trump’s Attacks on Judiciary ‘Demoralizing’” to obtain more detailed information – next under “MORE”

The Legal battle in the US courts will most probably end in a stalemate and the unacceptable anti-immigration decree will accordingly be finally applied, probably somewhat softened (?)

Discussing lately with a very good friend of mine the posts I have been publishing for over a week of the US president elect’s decree mania, principally the abominable one on anti-immigration, she referred to those who have elected this president – in a lawful election – as frustrated entrepreneurs who had seen in the president elect the “model” of their unfilled aspirations, since it is true that in most Americans there is a “dormant” entrepreneur who for x reasons did or does not see the light.

The US, bis repetita from previous posts, is a very resilient nation with a strong sense of community responsibility which can be called civic committment, this comes from the “pioneers” I believe who “made” this country and had to fight to establish themselves, i.e. the famous “Run to the West” and who are proud of what they have achieved and want to protect it.

The president elect is fooling a lot of unfortunately ignorant masses who believe in a man who uses abominable exhibitionism in his open TV demos signing extremely important decrees, a never before seen type of “reality show”!

It is imperative for the world that the leader of the worldwide leading economy, still, should not be allowed by his fellow citizens to exercise undue power which might destabilize this world’s political face and economy by indirectly favoring giant in population “competitors”.

The US has a history of “non colonialism” (considered as “evil”) and “non mercantilism” (leaving shores to conquer markets abroad), whereas some historical large European countries have had that historical experience: Great Britain, Spain, France and smaller ones like Holland, Portugal too, the US has not and that has always been why it is basically an insolationist country which has a great drawback:

US people feel that whatever is done in the US is “the best” (obviously there are “USers” who know better, generalization is dangerous), I have experimented this kind of, in general, undue “superiority” several times when conducting business, but have in most cases disagreed with it, and explained why it could not work  (even if basically “correct” sometimes), it’s mainly a matter of comunication, that which is absent nowadays politically!

Current president elect has been and is capitalizing on this great drawback which appeals to a great portion of the US population who also is, to a great extent, quite ignorant of matters of  the “world” as such and its history, this has already ensured him a US President’s post and if it continues will endanger the US position as world leader.

The usual  “executive silence” of the EU (European Union) is once more indicative of its “non role” in matters of vital importance like this one, they are  not worthy of their international powerful ancestors, see above, and are rapidly losing, if not lost, any voice in intervening politically in matters such as the one I have been refeerring to.

Why possibly a stalemate in US Justice proceeding on the anti-inmigration decree?

A Justice Department lawyer, Mr. Flentje, on Tuesday – 02/07/2017 – said courts should not second-guess the president elect targeted travel ban, drawing skepticism from a three-judge federal appeals panel weighing the limits of executive authority in cases of national security

He added that the court should not question president elect “motives” (me putting signs), and should confine itself instead to “the four corners of the document” (the “original”) and also said the executive order did not, on its face, discriminate on the basis of religion.

This lawyer is playing a sophist /bully game by trying to turn matters, “second guessing” is not a Justice type “instrument”, its only objective is to throw doubt into a judge’s reasonning, Judge Robart in this case, so “who is second-guessing who” here?

Following judges, assigned by three former US presidents, are those who are conducting the hearings about  the US Justice Court’s appeal against Judge Robart’s decision: Judges Richard R. Clifton, William C. Canby Jr. and Michelle T. Friedland of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

No matter how this US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rules, a decision to be expected within days and accordingly an appeal to the United States Supreme Court remains as being likely.

NYT writes “That court remains short-handed” (what does this mean- that one Juge out of nine is still “missing” -see below) and could therefore deadlock.

NYT continues: “A 4-to-4 tie in the Supreme Court would leave the appeals court’s ruling in place”.

The US supreme court has 8 unretired members, one deceased, Judge Scalia (2016) and not replaced and had two retired ones, with president elect trying to get Judge Scalia replaced by Judge Gorsuch,who is his pick to fill the current opening.

What this means is that  in the case of a Supreme Court 4-4 tie, this non decision leaves the anti-inmigration decree whole again and ready to be reapplied!

NYT‘s following 02/06/2017 article:“Appeals Court Panel Appears Skeptical of Trump’s Travel Ban” will provide more information on this highly important subject, please read  below “MORE”, next

The legal battle is now underway and this is a step forward since the US newly elect president is seeing that what he thought was his unlimited power was being questioned by the US people very shortly after he “took over” because of  his abusive and abominable anti-inmigration decree showing him that he cannot “direct” the US as he would with his own company. This applies too to some other decrees he has been signing openly before TV as a “reality show”, besides a country cannot be ruled with “twits”…

The main question here is how much independent constitutional authority does the president have over immigration, and how much power has Congress given him?

Excerpts from below near quotes on NYT‘s article

“The case is now before the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, which on Saturday decined to issue an immediate stay (the act of temporarily stopping a judicial proceeding through the order of a court) of Judge Robart’s order, but it indicated that it would weigh in soon after additional briefs were filed, with the last one due Monday afternoon. After it rules, an appeal to the Supreme Court seems likely.”

“Article II of the Constitution confers authority on the president, the Supreme Court has said, to conduct foreign affairs and addres”

“Constitutional checks on these powers means that while courts generally give more latitude to the political branches in the immigration context, this does not mean that the political branches can act with impunity, that is a basic question and issue.”

It is far better to read below article, its’a difficult issue, but from a legal laymans’s point of view the main point continues being the inadmissible behavior of this “government” (sic) and the danger it may represent to a civilized handling of power by a US president.

Opinions expressed by an apolitical person with large international private and professional experience.

A federal appeals court early Sunday rejected a request by the Justice Department to immediately restore US president elect’s  anti-immigration decree targeting travel ban and accordingly  stressing even more a legal showdown over his authority to tighten the nation’s borders in the name of “protecting Americans from terrorism”.

This proves, as shown in my last posts this now past calendar week that “American people” can find ways of opposing abominable decrees such as this one when party politicians do not react.

The US President elect’s appeal to Seattle judge’s Robart’s rejection of anti-immigrant decree has been rejected with US Govenment needing to appeal this new judgement by tomorrow Monday 02/06/17

This does not mean that to allow free entry to all immigrants is valid, what is inadmissible is the form and part of the content, unworthy of the president of the leading country worldwide.

You can read the NYT 02/05/17 article:“Appeals Court Rejects Request to Immediately Restore Travel Ban” entirely under “MORE”, next

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