is about questioning if structural changes of the economy in the last 20-30 years have been assimilated and / or are in the process of being better understood by non specialized audiences, and whether micro (business) procedures could be increasingly applied to macro vision, planning and analysis, and therefore include pragmatic analysis of a series of macro points.

This entails questioning and advancing opinions which are not assertive hopefully.

This questioning relates to a series of concrete macro points, which are described (not exhaustively) in this blog’s content list post.

I greatly believe that knowledge or ”knowing” is a basic factor, that questioning is necessary in a world of affirmations and that decision making is the result of both,  this even more so in an economic situation which has no historical points of reference because of the huge changes in its  sectorial/activities’ categories structure.

Knowing that statesmen and politician background and activity are very different from that of businessmen, one of the main matters I want to address is whether business procedures which are implicit in micro economy  are partially applicable to macro evolution and performance analyses, this being a time of great macro volatility.

In the last 20 years the sectorial stucture of GDP and Stock Exchanges changed dramatically (enormous change in structure brought about by emergence of IT – internet – and “now” social networks), economic/business activities which were in the Top 10 or 50 are not the same anymore, all this causing caused desequilibriums of all sorts in the world economy and changed rankings in terms of countries and sectors of activity.

In this meteorically changing world, where information is so varied and frequent that it becomes hard to digest and accordingly creates stress, it seems necessary to come back to some “basics” which are not old fashioned but reflect values which are being increasingly ignored.

This blog’s main object is to try to be more explanatory in the subjects which it will cover, if this can be achieved given time, it will be helpful, I hope.